I know most people would dream of having an annual ROI of over 500%, so what can you invest in to give you that kind of return?

In today’s world what are the things we often find ourselves wishing for more of? I’m sure the list could be quite extensive, but how about time?! Yes, time!

Imagine being able to spend more time with your loved ones, more time on that personal project you have waiting in your garage, more time building the strategy that’s been on your mind or getting more work done during your office hours?

So can you aquire that time? Is there a stock exchange ticker that you can invest in?  The answer is no.

Time can’t be bought; it can only be created.

How? It’s highly unlikely that a day can ever stretch to 26 hours! And the truth is, it can’t.

What we often overlook is the time we squander on recollection, procrastinating, and worrying. If there is a way to change wasted hours into productive ones, this is exactly where it can be achieved.

So, how do you create more time?  You invest in one of the Personal Efficiency Programs – PEP® – which structures you to work more effectively within your existing timeframe, thereby creating more time and resulting in that annual ROI of 500%.

How does an efficiency program give you that level of return? Easily, we guarantee the creation of an average of 5 hours per week.

So, how is this ROI achieved?

I’d like to answer that question by asking: Have you ever calculated how much one hour of your time is valued at?  One hour of your workday, dedicated to the tasks you need to accomplish within your working timeframe.

Imagine, having 260 extra hours every year for the rest of your life. What could you do with that extra time?

Once you have calculated the cost of your hour with the following equation: income ÷ number of hours you work, continue by multiplying that number by 260 (5hours gained x 52weeks); this final number is your return. Your investment simply depends on which of our programs you choose.

Of course, you can slice and dice your hourly cost in whichever way you’d like, however, let’s keep it simple: our working hours range anywhere between 8 and 12 hours a day, as a personal choice with several dependent factors.

Therefore, when you create an extra hour a day through one of our programs, you have created your capital gain. Whether you use this time for more work or leisure is entirely your choice, our job is simply to create it for you. An hour a day, for the rest of your life, what would you do with that extra time?

For the last 39 years, PEP® has worked with hundreds of thousands of individuals and what we’ve come to observe is that the more you put into the program, the more time you create for yourself. The time that you gain varies as much as people are different but what we can guarantee you is a minimum gain of one hour each day.

One of our global coaches works with you individually to create control and peace of mind by focusing on the three pillars that formulate how you do your work: habits, work systems, and work planning.

PEP® has 4 programs: 1. Executive, 2. Foundation, 3. Women’s Empowerment and 4. On-boarding.

The choice of program that best aligns with you depends on your specific circumstances, including what you do, where you are in your career and what stage you are in your personal development journey.

Irrespective of the program you choose, we are commited to working closely with you to make sure you gain just that: one hour more a day to spend in any way you desire.

We are easy to find, just get in touch with one of our PEP® representatives in any of our European offices by visiting www.pepworldwide.eu or email us at info@pepworldwide.eu with PEP® ROI Inquiry in the subject to know more about what ROI you can generate for yourself and/or your company.

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