PEP® focus on the individual

Productivity versus Stress.

PEP® addresses a core need in an organization: higher individual productivity in combination with less stress. If neglected this problem can be so detrimental to an organization that it’s repercussions manifest in all manners: waste of time, decreasing revenues, loss of clients or contracts, missed deadlines, project failures, unnecessary waste, burnout and more. Because these repercussions can be so varied and yet so critical, leadership in both the private and public sectors spend an enormous amount of effort and funds to implement actions in order to mitigate these effects.

The focus of PEP® is on the individual

When executives, managers or human resources look at individual performance they often use a framework of that individual’s role, often in terms of KPI’s or output. How many sales can the account manager close? How many feeds is the marketing manager putting out? How many clients does the service desk handle? How many project managers can the director supervise? These are valid questions and might indicate that something is wrong with a person’s performance, but it does not show beyond their job skills where their productivity can be improved. The only way to find out how an individual’s productivity can be improved is to sit down with that person at their workplace and together identify areas of improvement and begin a step-by-step coaching process towards a clearly defined end result. And that’s exactly what PEP® does.

Workplace coaching is labour intensive. In fact, it is such hard work that many “time management” consultants bypass it by giving large group seminars and leaving it at that. This approach does not address the individual’s needs nor does it support the individual through the change process. 


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What is needed is someone who will invest time and energy in your people so that real change happens. In PEP® we make sure that every individual gets personalized coaching to fit their individual situation and needs.

The PEP® coach is right there with the participant, supporting them through the change process until the desired result is achieved. We call PEP® a program because personal improvement cannot take place in just one session. Change in people’s habits and ingrained routines takes time. The program has a number of steps spread over two to three months in order to insure that the resulting improvements will be lasting.

We have been using this same formula for the past 37 years and so we know that productivity can be increased while lowering the level of perceived stress.

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