PEP® how it works

What is PEP® and how is it structured?

The PEP® Program is based on the time saving fundamental principles of how to work both efficiently and effectively. Although PEP® is customized to the needs of the client the structure of the training and coaching itself remains the same since 1984 simply because it produces consistent and lasting results.

The primary focus of PEP® is the individual and then the group. The individual approach is important by the simple fact that we are all different as to needs and the situation we find ourselves in. By lowering the stress level of the individual and supporting them in becoming more productive, the productivity of the team will increase. Team issues that need to be addressed in order for the team to function more effectively are identified and addressed as part of the PEP® Program.

PEP® is always done in the working environment of the individual participant whether on location or online. This is essential.

One session is never enough to change working habits and implement new efficient routines. So PEP® must always consist of a number of follow-ups, usually 3 to 4 sessions, over a time span of 2 to 3 months. And here lies the power of the PEP® Program, the personal coaching, supporting the individual participant in a change process to reach their specific objective for the training.

Although this may sound labour intensive the total invested time for each individual participant is 8 hours, most of which is spent refining their work processes while they work. The Return on Investment is a gain in time of 1 hour per person per day.

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