A question that frequently comes to mind is: how can you accurately calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) on a training & development program?

As we see a slow down across the global economies, organizations are probably wondering how to budget for their employees Training & Development budgets and justify it with a viable ROI.

If I was Head of HR, I would be the most curious to know how we can get a numerical value on Training & Development?  Is there an accurate way to calculate it? Research has shown that individuals retain only 5% of the information that they hear at a training seminar. 

However, that same research also tells us that you retain 100% of information on work habits that you change yourself.

Does that mean we should completely stop seminar training and only focus on individual coaching in order to change work habits?  I would say, both are important, however in what split?  There is no correct answer, it ultimately depends on the organization’s objectives.

At PEP® Worldwide we’ve been listening to our clients since 1984 and are able to present you with a number for this spend.  It’s really not that complicated, we need three key values and there we have it: your ROI.

How do we do that?

It is our knowledge and expertise in working together with all kinds of organizations to understand their staff goals through one of our Personal Efficiency programs.

The Personal Efficiency Program is designed to bridge the gap between the individual and fast-moving technology and systems. Our PEP® coaches focus on three key areas in the individual: work habits, work planning and work systems.  Through this process, we neither change your systems, nor take your staff away from their valuable work.  We are aligning everyone’s unique work habits and planning skills with your systems.  We focus on the individual.

Ok, so how does PEP® guarantee an ROI?

Our coaches listen, guide, and watch your employees changing through willful amendments in their work habits and work planning.  PEP® ensures these habitual changes are acquired through the one-on-one coaching and over time become second nature.  Then they align these new habits to your systems.

At the end of all of this, with the three key values you have shared with us and our assured results in changing your staff’s work habits, we will give you a ROI that ranges from 200% up to 600% on the investment you will make in those staff members.

PEP® can do this, because we have 38 years of proven results that state at least 5 hours a week (12%) of your staffs total weekly contracted hours will be saved.  Because everyone is unique in their own habits, you will have employees who have saved 11 hours and others 3, collectively though, it won’t be less than 5 hours per group per week.

With the answer being yes, that there is a way to accurately calculate an ROI on a Training & Development budget. You just have to make sure you have the right partner who can provide a pre and post training assessment, that shows you actual results and time saved.  PEP® Worldwide can do this for you.

And because time is money, that’s your ROI, creating time for more work, better work, and the perfect life work balance.

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