“Well, with the end of Covid in sight we’ll all be working at the office shortly…… right?”

“Don’t think so.”

“Why not?”

“In a recent survey it was found that 7 out of 10 employees like working from home (CNV). Imagine what the bean counters in the companies are thinking. They like it too. Look at all the cost savings. And what about the environment and the end of grid lock traffic jams.

We’ve found that the 30% that do not like working from home are usually those with limited space and a partner who also works from home. The other constant that comes up again and again is ‘no informal interaction with colleagues’ and that complaint covers almost everyone (PEP®worldwide).”

Because of the many advantages I expect that the ‘new normal’ will be that we spend the majority of our time working from home, with one or sometimes two days in the office.

For those managing teams this means that you will be required to keep on remote managing your team.

So let’s break down the components of how successful managers do this:

  1. Manage by Results, the output from each individual team member.
  2. There has to be an element of Trust, both ways.
  3. A clearly stated Goal. Where’s the team going? Is this understood and do you have “buy in?”
  4. How they are going to get there, step by step.
  5. Agreed upon Targets for each team member and their commitment to achieving these.
  6. Are you and your team members using a system for To Do’s and do you use this to follow up delegated work?
  7. If there are any barriers or distractions which need to be addressed, you should see to it that they are solved.
  8. Are routine team meetings and one-on-one’s in place? How often depends upon the business, the type of work and the individual needs of your team members.
  9. Quarterly evaluation with team on progress towards realizing Goal. Adjust and replan as necessary.

And let me leave you with the following applicable for both the manager and the managed:

“Trust + Responsibility = Freedom!”.


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