Most of us have heard of ESG, Environment, Social and Governance standards within a business.  How can the Personal Efficiency Program (PEP®) help tackle this?

For several years now, companies around the world have been focusing their strategies around three key parameters, Environmental, Social and Governance standards.  From what we can tell from our research, the  primarily focus is to do so through investment decisions and looking at the impact of each parameter on their future capital expenditures.  Companies are consistently presenting ESG KPIs, milestones and targets.  Are they meeting them though?  If so, what is their secret to success and if not, what is holding them back from reaching these goals?

The Personal Efficiency Program PEP® has been working with global companies for the last 39 years, well before ESG parameters were discussed.  Little did we know, when it was created in Sweden in 1984, that today our primary focus of personal efficiency, could be one of the solutions to companies meeting their ESG goals.

PEP® focuses on the individual, the truest asset in any organization.  Could this be the way forward in meeting ESG targets?

How though?

Let’s take them one by one:

Environmental; ensuring the company meets targets on waste, power usage, paper usage, CO2 emissions etc.

Social; equality, equal pay, harassment etc.

Governance; corporate culture, risk management, oversight etc.

Ok, sounds straightforward.  So how will the Personal Efficiency Program help in all of this?

Would you believe us if we told you, with each and every one?

Probably not.  So let us lay it down for you.

When you think of waste, you are probably thinking of physical waste: rubbish, plastics and paper being recycled and the quantity in tonnes.  So, we are focusing our thoughts and strategies around what we see.

What about time?  Isn’t time wasted, waste too?  Not only is it waste, but it is also the costliest of your waste.  If you calculate the cost of each staff member, per hour, every hour wasted is firstly wasted money and secondly time that could be used to tackle ESG more efficiently.  Think about the amount of additional waste created due to wasted time?  You waste power, water, food simply because the more time you are inefficiently working, you by default waste other resources.

With our Personal Work Profile (PWP®), we identify exactly how much and where you have time wasted, therefore identifying up front a very clear ESG goal for you.  Our ROI (please see our ROI Blog) illustrates how we can generate ROIs north of 200% through time efficiency.  So, not only will you be meeting your ESG goals, but you will also be doing it while generating a very solid return.

Once we have illustrated to you where your time is being wasted, with the help of our many coaches around the world we remove that waste, inherently being environmental.  Not just environmental, it also saves on costs, which in turn could be spent on the costs of becoming more ESG compliant.  So, it’s a win-win for any firm either way.

The Personal Efficiency Program is designed to work with everyone’s uniqueness and work habits, therefore maintaining their individuality and ensuring the corporations needs are met.  It is also adaptable to any firms’ specific needs.  PEP® has been working with all industries around the world, meeting their needs.

We always start with a ‘waste’ check through the PWP®, which has 39 years of collected data, illustrating what the global best practices are.  We share these results with you and then through one of our many programs, begin to tackle this waste.  There is your E in ESG goal met, however in a slightly different way.  The ROI we calculate is driven primarily by your staff cost.  Now, add to your staff cost all your other costs that you have allocated to that staff and your ROI will increase, as your utility costs will go down through saving time, your paper costs, and all other allocated costs to any staff member.

So, what do we do with this extra time and savings?  Well, that’s your decision, do you want to return it to your shareholders or maybe plough those efficiencies into your ESG budget, that’s up to you and your priorities.

What about the social angle?  Imagine, if all your staff had similar work habits, used your systems in a similar fashion and had one working culture?  For starters, you would be creating in itself an equal, similar environment to ensure equality, equal pay, no discrimination and no harassment.  We are not saying this happens in any of your organizations, we are saying we are ensuing it can never happen.

How though if everyone is different?

For the last 39 years we have been working with individuals everyday guiding them with changing their work habits and work systems through one-on-one coaching.  We make sure that it works for everyone because we know they are all different, however, with the aligning of everyone’s work habits, you will achieve one corporate habitual way of doing work.  That is how you ensure the S in ESG is met.  You have created the work environment to ensure each one of your staff members are working equally which in turn means, they are equal.

Finally, governance; It’s not easy to track all the reports, meetings, minutes, and tasks that are needed to ensure your governance is airtight.  As PEP® slowly moves through your organization, either top down or bottom up, the way in which all your reports, meetings, minutes, and tasks are handled become more streamlined.  PEP® works with your people to create the most efficient way to tackle them.

How?  We ask them. We listen.

We don’t change your systems, we adapt your people to your systems by identifying the bottle necks, the bad habits that have been created over the years, the areas they find don’t work for them, but must do.  We listen and adapt through guiding and changing habits.

The PEP® program is designed to suit your firms’ expectations and needs, its flexible enough to tackle your highest priorities.

Finally, with this unique approach to tackling ESG, and maybe even speeding up your goals, the PEP® program brings a new angle to ESG, as through focusing on your truest assets, your people, your ESG goals will be met, through cost efficiencies, time savings and creation.

You can have the best ESG strategy, however, imagine having the best strategy with the most efficient people to do it, a win-win wouldn’t you think?  That is how the personal efficiency program PEP® can help!



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