Working from home efficiently, Lesson 4: Create new, small rituals to make brighten the experience


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Life is no longer as structured as it was when you commuted to work every day. You had your morning rituals at home (breakfast, washing, getting dressed, checking the news), then the ritual commuting, and finally the arrival ritual at the workplace (coffee with colleagues, saying hello, a few handshakes). Ready!

What now?

Consciously create small, new rituals with which you structure your new life as a home worker as you like it. Stay professional, don’t get too casual, sloppy or easy going because there’s no one checking you out anyway.

What can I do?

Prepare as if you were going to the office (well-groomed appearance, clothes), say “See you until later” to your family when you lock yourself in your office. Make it clear that you are only available again at a time determined by you (to avoid interruptions). Say “Good Day” to your colleagues online via instant messaging to strengthen the team spirit.

Take breaks during the day. Change your posture, place or environment. What can you do during these breaks? Spending time with your family, drinking coffee or tea, exercising, vacuuming to be useful, walking, looking out the window…

Take advantage of this period to create new habits that combine pleasant living and efficiency. Choose from a list of 36 interesting habits. See the book “Just Do It!” on page 233.

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Bruno Savoyat, author of “Just Do It!”

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