About the PEP® program

Can you deal with the ever increasing work pressure and demands?

Poor working conditions impede productivity and customer service. Effective administrative skills create more time and space for a better result. These skills, like all skills, can be taught. If these are not learned then managers as well as employees may well run into the following pitfalls:

  • Slow or no improvement in working conditions.
  • Disorganized work environment.
  • Excessive time spent on administration.
  • Poor archiving and information retrieval.
  • No or insufficient delegation.
  • No structured planning.
  • Unnecessary interruptions.
  • Delays with deadlines not met.
  • A “Crisis” atmosphere.
  • Insufficient time available for strategic work.
  • No time for service and quality issues.

Which of these apply to your organization?

Improved efficiency is best done with one-on-one individual counselling. We coach and support your staff in developing an efficient way of dealing with their workflow. Our 30 years of experience in knowledge workers productivity has enabled us to develop the best models and methods for continuously improving individual work processes.


PEP®(the Personal Efficiency Program)

PEP® is an effective and proven approach to work flow management. PEP® is not a seminar nor is it done in a remote location. The PEP® program takes place within your own company in your actual working environment.


Our unique hands-on approach

  • We work with small groups of employees.
  • We coach your people at their own office or work environment.
  • We customize our program to the individual needs of the participants.
  • We encourage participants to improve their efficiency for their own benefit as well as for the organization.
  • We schedule a number of individual follow up visits in order to support and reinforce the changes implemented.
  • There is also the possibility to have PEP®  implemented broadly in your organization through training managers to coach their own people or utilizing your own company trainers to deliver PEP®

The formula that ensures results.

  • The quality of the program X workplace implementation = Result.
  • Our consultants ensure that the skills learned are actually used.
  • Unlike traditional training, the time invested is minimal since most of the program is done on the job while the participant is working.
  • The results are Visible within 2 to 6 weeks after the start.

PEP®allows you to reach your objectives more quickly and both you and your people will benefit from the fact that the work is done without stress.

PEP® Talk

PEP® is a registered trademark, owned and licensed by IBT Europe BV. 

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